Right after the exhibition in Den Helder the little Windfinder traveled south for a completely different adventure: Here is the scale model of the Roaring Forties Windfinder in the towing tank at TU Delft!


This first test campaign was purely about the hull, without windmill and propeller. We towed the boat with different ballast at different speeds to measure hull resistance. Below you see the equivalent of 7 knots, with half a kilo extra ballast.


The resistance data are needed for wind tunnel tests later this winter for improvements of the headwind propulsion system. Windmill, propeller and hull have to match perfectly. Until now, with the older Windfinders, I have always done that with trial and error, a lot of real size testing on the ocean with adjustable pitch windmills, so I do have an idea of what works and what not. But of course, that can be optimized! That's what I'm going to do the coming months.

Many many thanks to the towing tank people in Delft!







People, ships and voyages... The yearly family meeting - wonderful and inspiring! Many thanks to organizer Jet Sluik of the Tecla, and to the Museum harbour of Den Helder... Here some impressions of the exhibition.







8,9,10 November 2019

Willemsoord, Den Helder

Presentation about the new Windfinder project

on Saturday, 9 November 2019, 11:00 – 12:00h







Come and see the prototype of the newest Windfinder at the


5 - 7 July 2019

Willemsoord, Den Helder


Opens external link in new



Presentation about the new Windfinder project on Saturday afternoon, 6 July , 15:00 - 15:30h



This is the first exhibition of the complete Roaring Forties prototype with skin and all. Just finished sewing, now varnishing the hull.

Don't miss it!







Windvinder lezing 



Met nooit eerder getoonde foto's van het nieuwste Windvinder bouwproject!



Vrijdag 3 mei 2019, 14 - 15:00 uur

Nederlands gesproken; voor mensen vanaf tien jaar




15 jaar Windvinder!  Wipke Iwersen vertelt hoe het begon en waar het naartoe gaat: van de Oer-Windvinder en zijn groeiende familie van nakomelingen in de noordoostpassaat op de Stille Oceaan, tot het nieuwste Windvinder bouwproject - een speciaalschip voor een tegenwindexpeditie rond Antarctica... 


De grootste en meest zeewaardige van alle tot nu toe bekende Windvinders, wordt dit de ultieme stormversie. De eerste zelfrichtende Windvinder! Een schip dat kapseist en weer opstaat - gemaakt voor een reis tussen ijsbergen en enorme brekende golven... gestuurd en aangedreven, zoals het hoort, door niets dan tegenwind. Hoe moet zo'n schip eruit zien?


Kom kijken! Wipke Iwersen laat nooit eerder getoonde actuele foto's zien van ontwikkeling en bouw van de nieuwe prototype. De prototype wordt in de komende maanden in Nederland getest. Daarna gaan we het levensgrote schip bouwen. Misschien wil je wel meedoen?





6 - 10 March 2019




at THE HISWA boatshow, Amsterdam






9 - 11 November 2018




in Den Helder op de Traditionele Schepenbeurs!











I left Thor and the family of Windfinders alone for a while to help FAIRTRANSPORT in an urgent operation to sail the Tres Hombres home across the North Atlantic, from Canada to the Netherlands. 



The schoonerbrig Tres Hombres is an engineless sailing cargo vessel that transports rum and other good things from the Caribbean to Europe. On the way home from this year’s summer voyage to the Caribbean, the Tres Hombres had to escape from a major hurricane – and ended up in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, instead of Den Helder, Netherlands. Actually, the Azores had been the last scheduled island stop on their way home, but that was exactly where hurricane Gaston went …

They made it safely to Canada, but by now it was the peak of the hurricane season. At the same time, the normal autumn storm season was beginning on the North Atlantic, promising to get worse every month. Not the nicest time of the year to cross the ocean. But the cargo had to be delivered in France and the Netherlands, and the next voyage was scheduled to start from Den Helder in November (yes, 2016)…



It was the second half of September; there was no time to lose. We went to Nova Scotia with an international emergency crew and Captain Arjen van der Veen (one of the original Tres Hombres), to relieve the old crew and bring the ship home. The cook and some of the trainees were still on board - and the precious cargo of rum, molasses, coffee and cacao. We borrowed some more salty sailors from tall-ship Picton Castle and Viking long boat Draken, and were ready to go.


What a phantastic challenge for a Windfinder! North Atlantic crossing with an engineless sailing vessel between hurricane season and autumn storms...  

We would bring the ship home WHATEVER would happen. 

Opens internal link in current windowRead the full story here:



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Beautiful but dangerous: Our special friend Nicole on Oct 12, 2016. Satellite image credits: NASA Goddard MODIS Rapid Response Team

                                                                                                 See story above





                                                NEWS FROM THE INTERNATIONAL WINDSHIP ASSOCIATION - IWSA




                                                                                          Hamburg, Sept. 8, 2016






Enercon’s flettner rotor vessel E-SHIP 1 has won the first prize in both categories “Wind Propulsion Innovation” and “Commercial Use of Wind Propulsion”. 


Launched in 2010 by German Wind Power specialist Enercon, the ship is used to transport wind turbine components. It has covered, so far, more than 320.000 nautical miles in commercial operation.

“Flettner technology has proven effective and robust in commercial use”, Enercon said. “Depending on weather conditions, fuel savings of up to 15 % can be achieved. This can be considerably more in peak conditions; in a good wind the E-ship 1 can travel at speeds of up to 12 knots only using the flettner rotors. The other Enercon innovations – a streamlined superstructure and hull and a specially coordinated rudder / variable pitch propeller combination optimized for sailing mode  - have proven effective and resulted in further fuel savings. This, together with the use of practically sulphur-free marine gas oil and the use of SCR catalytic converters, mean that the E-Ship 1 sets a milestone in the area of green shipping technologies.”

Opens external link in new windowDetails about E-Ship1 here.


In the category ”Wind Propulsion Research”, the winner is the University of the South Pacific with its Initiates file downloadSustainable Sea Transport Programme.





                     Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards 2016

The first Wind Propulsion Innovation Awards recognise pioneering projects and technological innovation in the development of wind propulsion for technically and commercially viable solutions for the shipping industry.
The awards spotlight individuals and companies making a real difference in advancing wind propulsion as a low carbon, truly sustainable option for the world’s shipping fleet. 

There are three categories in this year’s awards:    -  Wind Propulsion Innovation Award                                                                                                                                                             -  Commercial Users of Wind Technology                                                                                                                                                     -  Wind Propulsion Research Award 


Below is the shortlist of finalists compiled by Opens internal link in current windowthe judging panel of international shipping experts in July 2016.


The awards ceremony will be held at the SMM 2016 (Shipbuilding, Machinery & Marine Technology Trade Fair) in Hamburg on September 8, 2016, in the new A5 Green Propulsion Hall. 







                                                Wind Propulsion Innovation Award 

                                                  Opens internal link in current windowOceanfoil  

                                                  Opens internal link in current windowE-SHIP 1 - Enercon

                                                  Opens internal link in current windowSmart Green Shipping Alliance

                                                  Opens internal link in current windowS@IL project – Ecoliner

                                                  Opens internal link in current windowNorsepower

                                                  Opens internal link in current windowUT Windchallenger



                                                Commercial Users of Wind Technology 

                                                  Opens internal link in current windowE-SHIP 1 - Enercon / Auerbach 

                                                  Opens internal link in current windowNorsepower - Bore Shipping

                                                  Opens internal link in current windowSolar Sailor - Ocius Technology Ltd

                                                  Opens internal link in current windowFairtransport – Traditional Sail Cargo 



                                                Research Award 

                                                  Initiates file downloadMARIN team (Maritime Research Institute of the Netherlands)

                                                  Initiates file downloadS@IL project team (Ecoliner / Netherlands)

                                                  Initiates file downloadUSP Sustainable Sea Transport Programme (University of the South Pacific)

                                                  Initiates file downloadUCL Energy team (University College London)

                                                  Initiates file downloadTU Delft team (Technical University Delft)

                                                  Initiates file downloadUniversity of Strathclyde team (Glasgow)




Windfinder Workshop  -  July 2016 

BREST 2016 


One thousand participating ships ... so many wonderful things to do and to see!

We built a beautiful three meter model of a simple Windfinder - two light and flexible skin-on-frame hulls and a windmill drive with eight sails. Unfortunately, when the thing was ready to be launched, there was no wind, just no wind at all! So the experiments in the water are postponed to the next nice opportunity.


Anyway - we had a great time, met fantastic people, and built a wonderful thing that's waiting for the autumn storms. Many thanks to everybody who helped with lashings and sewing sails - and very special thanks to Jerry and Erik for all your help the whole week!




Thanks to the Embassy of the Netherlands for inviting Project Windvinder to the festival - and thanks to tugboat "Elbe" and her wonderful crew for the lift from Rotterdam to Brest (for me and all the building material), and  tall ship "De Gallant" for the lift back from Brest to Amsterdam, for me and the little Windfinder...

Three days in the thundering heart of the “Elbe": first parts of the little Windfinder taking shape…  And here is crewmember Stanley, at the lathe in front of Elbe’s 4 meter spare propeller, working on little Windfinder’s headwind drive (a 40 cm propeller driven by a windmill)… Thank you!!! 

More about the amazing and inspiring story of the “Elbe”, built in 1959 and once the strongest seagoing tugboat in the world: 






BREST 2016

13 - 19 July

Join us in Brest!




By order of the Embassy of the Netherlands, a 3 meter model of a basic headwind-driven Windfinder will be built and launched at the maritime festival Opens external link in new windowBrest 2016, where the Netherlands are Guest of Honor.


With eight sails straight against the wind! Find out how this works, help building the boat and sewing sails, listen to stories of the life-size Windfinders on the ocean, and hear about our experimental boat building expedition of the coming years… 



The newer generations of Windfinders need no more wind turbines or ship’s propellers – but they do sail straight into the wind; just wings and fins, grazing on an ocean of ideas. They live on headwind: on the doubts of all those people who do their best to keep thinking that this cannot be. If this was possible - WHY AREN’T WE DOING IT ? 

Imagine to find such a jewel in the middle of the ocean, no, don’t imagine
- come with us and meet them in person! 

Join us for a part of our Pacific expedition (Opens internal link in current windowsail with us) to help developing the fleet of real size, oceangoing headwind-driven vessels, or join one of our shorter workshops in harbors of Europe and America, to build and test smaller working models of the ocean versions. The models become part of the traveling Windfinder exhibition.




Harbor-workshop part 1: THE BASICS
Brest, Britanny,  13 – 19 July 2016



The workshop at Brest 2016 is the first in a series of harbor workshops that will accompany our ocean voyage of the coming years. Here you will learn (with your own hands, not in the computer!) what it takes to sail straight against the wind, driven by nothing but headwind. The boat we are building in Brest is the most basic version of a Windfinder: a windmill of eight sails, driving a propeller under water. To find out what works best, everything can be adjusted in our test model: diameter of the windmill, angle of attack of the sails, different shapes of sails, size and pitch of the propeller, tilt of the shaft…


Other ways to turn headwind into propulsion will be explored in the next workshops.


No need to register – just come and join! 
Bring wind and ideas … And spread the word!





                                                    2015: WELCOME ON BOARD...









                                        INTERNATIONAL WINDSHIP ASSOCIATION LAUNCHED


                                  An international association has been created to facilitate and promote 
                                                wind propulsion for commercial shipping worldwide.


LONDON – 17 NOVEMBER, 2014: The founding members of a new association for the shipping industry have announced the establishment of the ‘International Windship Association’ (IWSA), an association that will encourage, advise and advocate for the use of wind propulsion technologies in the shipping industry.

We bring together all industry stakeholders, experts, academics and NGO supporters in the development of a windship sector to shape industry and government attitudes and policies.

The objectives of IWSA include: 

• Network - create a clear sectoral approach, grouping like-minded organisations and individuals that can share ideas, skills, as well as technical and market information for the development of commercial wind-ships. 
• Promote – promote the economic value of wind propulsion to the industry 
• Incubate - assist in securing funding streams, project collaboration, grant applications, research and the pooling of resources. 
• Educate - act as a central information hub for the wind propulsion sector, ship owners and operators, shipyards, ports, governments, equipment producers, the media, NGOs, and the general public. 
• Facilitate – initiate the establishment of common approaches/criteria for all stages of wind propulsion projects, advise stakeholders and lobby legislative bodies on policies, activities, funding and incentives required to retrofit existing ships and build new commercial wind-ships.

Opens external link in current

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                                                              What Windvinder is doing here:  see  Opens internal link in current windowHOW WE DO IT.