ON THE TRACK OF THE WINDFINDERS


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With a traditional sailing ship rebuilt into a traveling wind laboratory, we follow a sparkling trail of ideas that known and unknown Windfinders leave behind on the islands. We are NOT trying to retrieve the original Windvinder

Why should they bother?




ome with us and meet them in person!




Following reports of sightings, we sail from island to island, visit construction sites and finders, gather stories, rumors, songs and sketches... fragments of encounters of the growing swarm of Windfinders with the makers of their life journey.  I'm working on the film, and the Great Book of Wind and Finders.







Documentation and reconstruction is one task of our expedition, repairing and improving wrecked members of the swarm another one.
















More and more the windships learn from birds, fishes and marine mammals - and become creatures of the sea themselves.


beyond our horizon.


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If you are interested to sail with us, please contact us for further details, and we will see where you can join and when. (Yes, you can also come on board for parts








We need creative, enthusiastic and seaworthy people, curious and keen to experiment, happy to explore the most remote islands and the most remote ideas.







Wipke Iwersen
Expedition to the Origin of the Winds                                                                                                               

Designer and builder of the original Windvinder
(and newer generations of headwind vessels);
Art director and technical director;
Skipper of THOR


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