2004: Graduation from Rietveld Academy Amsterdam and 1. Prize Shell Young Art Award for the Expedition to the Origin of the Wind (best final exam of Dutch ArtAcademies).


Since then Project Windvinder (and the growing boat under construction) has been exhibited at Kunsthal Rotterdam, international art fair ART Rotterdam, International Architecture Biennale “The Flood”, Exhibition“North” at NDSM shipyard (opened by former Prime Minister Wim Kok), Diner Pensant Amsterdam, HISWA Amsterdam (2x), Oude Kerk Amsterdam, ART Rotterdam again (and nominated for Illy-Prize), ART Amsterdam, Wind-Art Travemünde, Oerol Festival Terschelling, 400-year-celebrations in New York, Gallery RAM Rotterdam (4x). “Wooden Boat”-Award by Wooden Boat magazine USA.

Presentations / lectures / workshops at universities, nautical academies, boat building schools, international conferences, windenergy- and shipping events, museums, festivals, cultural centers, shipyards, nautical associations, town halls and kindergardens. 





                                          UPCOMING EVENTS: WINDVINDER PART 2



Opens internal link in current windowVoyage and building projects on the ocean  are accompanied by talks, workshops and a traveling and interactive exhibition on land about the growing swarm of Windfinders.  Please  Opens internal link in current windowcontact us now  to book events.





                                      BREST 2016

                                                                        13 – 19 JULY



                                                                           JOIN US IN BREST ! 



By order of the Embassy of the Netherlands, a 3 meter model of a basic headwind-driven Windfinder will be built and launched at the maritime festival Opens external link in new windowBrest 2016, where the Netherlands are Guest of Honor.


With eight sails straight against the wind! Find out how this works, help building the boat and sewing sails, listen to stories of the life-size Windfinders on the ocean, and hear about our experimental boat building expedition of the coming years… 


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